Cook Islands Perform!


What’s going on? Why are there two kids that we don’t even know in our class? Could there be something serious happening? The kids look like they were from the Cook Island. I just sat patiently waiting to see what will happen in a few minutes. Then the teacher said that we have to go down under the cola!


From a distance to where I was standing I could see that there were instruments. Why would there be instruments? We all sat down waiting to see what will happen next……. HELLO we are from the Cook Islands and we are here to perform a dance to you. We all hope that you enjoy listening and watching this dance that we are going to perform to you. They said that they are going to perform four dances. Then the instruments began…. About 24 boys came up dancing with their feet so fast together!! 😀


We listened to the music and the instruments playing (the sound of the beats are so good). Also they were talking in there language so fast and with action. I wish I understand what they were talking about! Next up was the girls and the boys. The girls were so good at dancing and the lady said that anyone could go up and dance! Would you go up and dance? The girls were doing the similar dance as the Lebanese dance. When they were finished they gave our school a souvenir and we thanked them for coming to our school to perform. It was the best time I had ever had! J


Now it was time they had some chips and drinks (they weren’t aloud to eat a lot because they were going somewhere else to eat). Me, Nadine, Sokeina and Momtahina were selling the drinks (not like they were paying for it but for free!J)

Belmore South Poem

This is a poem I have made up! I have decided that I should do as much as poems I could do! Here is the poem that I had made up:



Belmore South Public School

Is fantastic is very cool

The teachers there are very nice

They listen to our problems and give us advice

The school canteen provides healthy food

This helps us stay in a happy mood

Area 6 and 7 are so lush and green

It really makes such a wonderful scene


The buildings are so strongly built

They’re just so straight not even a tilt

The children have so many talents

This in their way of life will help them balance

Our schools education keeps getting higher

This is thanks to Mrs Dyer

Our school is great now you know why

It’s because of all these reasons that makes us fly high.


I hope you enjoyed this poem. Please comment back and tell me what you think of it!




Preventing Poverty

 Firstly to understand what poverty is: it is the state of life having little or not much of money, food, clothing or essential needs to keep the state of life, living fully for essential contentment (satisfaction) in life.

We can prevent poverty or try to stop poverty from happening by donating to charities of; money, clothing, food and fresh (bottled) water.

 Governments are responsible to keep up with everyday needs for improving our societies and way of living. This means more funds will be offered to the lower income earners, more government agencies opened to those looking for work or finding work, libraries are open to society helping to educate people. Clinics are offered to help with children, child care and newborns that need priority care.

 The Government also provides those with lower standards of living, better health care facilities and free medical checkups offered to the elderly who are in the need of medical attention and treatments.

 But what is our contribution towards preventing poverty? Do we try to even find the time and contribute our efforts to offer what we can, to give to those under privileged than what we are? Do we even consider what must be done with contributing towards those sadly poverty stricken countries and people across the globe or around the world, who are desperately struggling for survival into finding the needs to keep alive for one more day and who are sadly experiencing the effects of poverty amongst themselves, their children, families and society?

 When we watch the news or look at adds on the television or in magazines, we feel that it is heart wrenching towards all those who are suffering of this terrible state of living life, because shelter, food, clothing and good hygiene is a must towards living. We all can prevent or slow down the rate of poverty in our society and around the world.

 If we all contribute money and donate, clothing, food and necessities to those who are most in need, we can make a difference to their lives and we will really feel good about ourselves. Doing something usefully and contributing our time and offerings through charities and our local communities will not only bring us together and closer as a team, but it will help us recognise the formal understanding of what poverty really is. This however, will give us the open act of natural human generosity with charity for one another experiencing these desperate needs in desperate times.

 If we all put our hands together and work together, no matter where we come from around the world, we can all make a huge difference into a person’s life. Even if we offered as little as we can afford, we can make a huge difference no matter how close or far we may be witnessing where poverty is occurring. WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

 Please stop poverty or at least help prevent poverty from occurring by being  generous with donating what we can into helping those in need, because giving help to one another is the greatest feeling of doing something deserving  and worthwhile. It is rewarding and satisfying knowing something good has been offered. Remember, helping one another is better than not helping at all.

Please consider!!!!!!


                    Time+in+a+window                -Khartoum%2CSudan-

Why is Education important for ALL kids?


Education is important to all kids or students at every age or at every level. Education is in all form of sight, knowledge, method of experience, weather  in preschool, infants, primary, high school or even in further studies of education, it is essential and highly significant into developing influential knowledge to further one’s needs into understanding facts and results of thoughts.


There are many reasons why we need education in our lives. The reason being is; education leads us into developing our lives and the knowing abilities to master (put together) ideas and life normally and ideally. 


When we use our knowledge every day in our lives, either at home, within our studies, at school or at work, we are being exposed to new and different ideas every day. We all require the need to know how to read, spell, write and identify different experiences that we take into our lives every single day.


We need education, to further our careers (jobs) successfully. Education gives us opportunities to apply for better jobs in the workforce; education gives us the benefits to gain scholarships in schooling and universities. Education is also important to further our communication skills and socialise within the understanding of our community and family’s background and other cultures and nationalities within our societies.


Wisdom is education; success is knowledge and learning something new everyday is a step towards problem solving and recognising the differences between the right and wrong. This allows us to live our lives more easily and freely to making better choices and decisions concerning money, work, jobs and opportunities that come by everyday.

Picking My favourite Place!

Taking our favourite school pictures was hard but when you think that you have been in that place and that you were comfortable you should know whether you liked that place or whether you didn’t! I know it’s confusing but what I had to do was I had to think hard and put my mind into it!

We had to take more than 2 people maximum with us. They were waiting and waiting for the answer from my mouth to burst open! Oh… all right I would have to choose the canteen and our own classroom. I had to. What do I do I have to make a quick decision!

 I picked the classroom because not only Mrs P gives us work every single day non stop she also lets us go on the computers, lets us do art (Mrs always is creative in art you should see her), but the best thing about Mrs P is that she is a great teacher and lets us write posts on our blogs!

 The canteen, what can I say about that? Well, it’s great at least they put a canteen! Incase you are hungry or need food you can always count on them! Their food is brilliant, nice and even healthy! You know if you were standing like 5 metres away from the canteen you could smell the delicious, fresh smell from the pies (But the only food that I like is the brilliant cooking my mum makes at home)!

 So these are my favourite places of the school. There are many more but what a shame we were only allowed to take maximum 2 pictures. Comment back and tell me what place of the school you liked!

The Lemon Tree!

At home I made up a poem called ‘The Lemon Tree’. Here is the Poem!!


The sky is blue

What shall I do?
It is an autumn morning

Although it is really boring

I look out of my window and what do I see

A tall green Lemon tree.


I go outside and say I’m dreaming

But I’m not, it’s unbelieving

I’ve never had a Lemon Tree

Now you say I’m right you see

I wake up and yell STOP!

It has been a dream has it not!

All I ever wanted was a Lemon tree

Now it’s gone never to be seen! 

Sandy and Friends!!!

Sandy the otter is a little toy we got from Sandaig. Sandaig is a favourite school we always liked. So Mrs P decided to go and visit them. She gave them a little toy named Skippy (a kangaroo). So in return they gave us SANDY! Sandy is a brown, soft, cute and cuddly little toy. He became one of the members of our class. Everyone likes him so much that he gets to go on: Excursions with us, Sandy can go over people’s houses in our class and see what they have in touch.


But wait…….. There is a little other toy we got sent by a school in Scotland that were learning French. The little toy is named NouNours and he is SO CUTE!

We adore NourNours and like him but the sad thing are that we have to give back to the school in ScotlandL. (We are not going to have him if that’s what you thought that will be a first) Mrs P said when we have to return NourNours as soon as possible. We are going to give NourNours and the class a little book on how to count. Sandy has been now with us for about……. Let me guess…….1 year or so and we enjoy having him in our class.


We are all proud that Sandy is in our class and we all hope that we will get a new nice toy just like NourNour and Sandy!!!!

Whoa! Bam! Experimenting Time!!!


They’re back again! The CSIRO people are back. They are from the Commonwealth Scientific Industrial Research Organisation. This time we are learning about the Human Body. It was the funnest thing. Here are the things we had to do which was part of the Human Body:


  • First, we had to do the rocking footstep. We had to step onto it with our feet apart from each other and rock on it. We had to try to balance our selves on it. I don’t think we were allowed to fall off it.
  • Soon after, we had to try looking under the Microscope and putting our finger under it to see if there was: Dots of sweat, lines, or even little pieces of dirt.
  • Next there were the Disgusting tissues. We had to Taste a different kinds of flavours of a TISSUE. The colours were: Pink, blue, yellow, and light green. The pink tissue tasted like pure sour, the green tasted bitter, the yellow tasted bitter (we thought it will at least taste like lemon) and the blue tasted bitter. Nearly all of them were bitter.
  • Then, there was the EYEBALL! We had to see the inside of the eyeball and had to see what the inside looked like.
  • Later, there was the Heart Beater! We had to put our thumb on the watch and measure our heart beat! Then after we got the number we had to leave it and go run a lap or two. We came back and we measured it again to see if it goes UP or DOWN.
  • Finally, there were the colourful glasses. WOW! It’s amazing! We had this sheet that you have NO clue of what it is. So they put us these colour glasses which we had to put them on and look at the sheet. WOW! There was the picture right there. We can see it clearly and better than before. The colours of the glasses were: Red, blue and green.


My favourite part of the CSIRO was when we had to taste the tissue and when we had to look through the glasses. I hope the CSIRO people come back to teach us more about the human body!

The Love of Green (Yoshi)


Green means: Full of life, joyful, has creativity, has native nature. Green is also fun to colour with in crayons, pens and pencils. Green is a colour of freedom so its fun to be around the colour of green clothing.


Green is the colour of freedom, humanity, and love and to become adventurous (when you look on green grass or a paddock doesn’t it make you feel like you want to run for the fresh air and green nature?).


Green is a vibrant colour; it gives you imaginary moments to think about, and lifts up your spirit when you are at your most despairing (low moments).


Green is the sound of peaceful melodies, a peaceful garden with lovely small leaves on a spring growing plant. Refreshing mind and nature, glossy, enjoyable, and feels like fresh peppermint on your neck. It also feels calm, clean, and sweet like a cool mint lolly in your mouth.


Green reminds me of the fresh mint herb plant and the smell of the freshly cut summer grass. The colour green takes me back when I was younger eating green jelly and scribbling and writing in green pen, whistle leaves of the trees and leaves as they sway in the cool breeze.


The objects that remind me of the colour green are a dazzling giant, jigsaw puzzle that takes days and months to put together. Green is the colour of the hard plastic objects that my little sister put into its shape and size in a game a green coloured game ball. Green is also the reminder of the great vibrant green grass of nature, trees, summer grapes, peas in mums cook pot, green also keeps me warm in a fleecy green blanket.


Apples are the greenest in winter weather as much as green healthy pears also; cucumbers are green and crispy in a summer salad. A delicious green toffee apple is fun to eat at the markets or at a fun festival fair.  The colour of a green field along a green river is so soothing and relaxing to watch. Just as sipping on a sweet lemon lime drink. 


The smell of the colour green, reminds me of my mum favourite, dishwashing liquid cleaning with a thick green soft sponge, it gives me the sense of cleanness and good health because green to me also reminds me of a healthy well-being.


The green colour gives me the feeling of a new start or a beginning to something unusual, also it reminds me of my mum’s in her favourite, green jacket at high school when she was much younger, green is a relaxed, fun, smooth, proud body and a Healthy Heart.


The colour green tastes like green-minty toothpaste while brushing my teeth. I enjoy munching on green celery as a healthy treat and becoming a healthy person by eating healthy green leafy vegetables and fruits.


The characteristics of the character are cute, not vicious, like real dinosaurs are. This character is green, has personality, and is very much innocent, pleasant and fun to be with.  He takes on ability to be fun, enjoyable and exciting – in an environment with lots of joy and laughter.



We had to pick a character from Mario.


Comments and feedback are welcomed, and highly appreciated.   Thank you!      J




Image: ‘Artist Under Bridge
Image: ‘macro water drop




Mario at the Olympics

·        Getting ready to face the crowd, I hear the loud roaring applause and clapping for me as they wait for my appearance.


·        I proudly and with a strong focused mind, walk up those large, steep, high stairs towards the yellow ramp.


·        I feel the adrenaline rush inside of me, my mind is saying “You can do it, I will win this.”


·        I can see myself on the big large screen that the crowd can see and watch, and that makes me determined to win this incredible race.


·        I try to stay calm by the moment and patient while I set myself ready. I strongly feel favored by the crowd as they call out my name. “I know that I have many fans”.


·        I feel nervous and a bit anxious but I still think I am going to succeed in the race altogether. I wait steadily trying to workout desperately where the finish line would end.


·        I finally arrive at the stadium track. I see thousands of little people and a variety of people cheering and yelling with flags representing my name.


·        Me (me = Mario), Princess Peach, Sonic, Shadow, Eggman, Tales, Luigie and Yoshi are all getting ready to begin.


·        We all lined up waiting and warming up for the big race and waiting for the gun to set………..BANG! I feel my heart beat like it hasn’t ever beated so fast before.


·        Tails in the lead, thinking that Tails is going to win. But with Mario’s confident mind he thinks he is going to win. Who do you think is going to win the race?


·        Mario coming 3rd hoping that he will win the whole big race.


·        I hear the whole crowd cheering my name saying: “LETS GO MARIO, LETS GO”. (clap) (clap) (clap) (Clap)………


·        And just by the last sentence the crowd yelled out and by the minute: “Guess what”? “I did it I won, I am number one. YES, YES!”


·        The crowd cheering madly. Yes! WOW! How amazing was that WOW! The official members of the whole game walked up over to me so proudly, they shook my hand and placed the Gold Medal around my neck.


·        Saying You are the number 1 winner” “Congratulations” (he said to the crowd lifting my hand up) here is our winner MARIO 2008.




I knew it, that I believe in my abilities to win this race and I did, I did it “I won I won”. I have come this far in this race and look what had happen, I made it! At least I know I have participated in this race and with a proud sense of overwhelming excitement and achievement, I won the race for 2008!!!!!!


After Mario had won the race he had went and shook hands with: Princess Peach, Sonic, Eggman, Shadow, Tails, Luigie and Yoshi. Although the competitors were still proud of themselves for participating in the race against Mario, they all felt the privilege to be part of this exciting game or competion and being part of the 2008 Olympic Games.




Do you like the story I made up?

What was your favorite part of the story?

Please comment back and tell me what YOU think about the story? J